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17:00 ReplayeFM News 2019.01.12
  • ≡ Prosecution To Re-Summon Ex-Chief Justice As Early As Tomorrow

    Prosecutors are expected to summon former Supreme Court Chief Justice Yang Sung-tae for another round of questioning as early as tomorrow and decide whether to request an arrest warrant for him. Yang has been sent back home after facing 14 and a half hours of interrogation by prosecutors probing a judicial power abuse scandal surrounding the top court under the former Park Geun-hye government. Investigators are said to have questioned Yang on a slew of allegations, such as delaying a damages suit filed by Korean victims of Japan's wartime forced labor at the behest of the Park administration. He is also accused of using highly sensitive trials as bargaining chips in persuading the Park government to establish a separate court of appeals. He has denied any wrongdoing, saying that he does not remember or was not aware of such activities.■ [2019.01.12]

  • ≡ Two People Assumed Dead In Pohang Boat Fire

    Two people who had been missing from a fishing boat that caught fire this morning off the eastern coast near Pohang are assumed to be dead. The coast guard rescued one of them at around 12:10 p.m., while another was found ten minutes later, both 3 to 5 kilometers away from the sinking site. They were taken to the hospital, but one of them was declared dead, and the other is also reportedly presumed to be dead. Rescuers are still on the search for one remaining missing. The Pohang Coast Guard Station received a distress call at around 8:30 this morning that a boat was in flames. Three of six people that were onboard were earlier rescued by a ship that was passing by. The boat in flames reportedly sank around 10 a.m.■ [2019.01.12]

  • ≡ S. Korea Opposes EU Safeguard Duties On Steel Imports

    South Korea has voiced opposition against the European Union's safeguard duties on imported steel and asked for compensation. Seoul's trade ministry said its officials made the objection during a meeting with its EU counterparts in Brussels on Friday. The EU is set to impose 25 percent tariffs on 23 categories of steel products that exceed the average of imports between 2015 and 2017, starting February 2. The ministry claimed the safeguard measures are not compatible with the World Trade Organization's procedural requirements, citing losses incurred by local companies. Seoul aims to seek active countermeasures if the EU does not consent to its compensation demands.■[2019.01.12]