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14:00 ReplayeFM News 2019.05.17
  • ≡ N. Korea Vows To Fight 'Unfair' UN Sanctions

    North Korea has called the United Nations an unfair organization that represents the privileges of just a few countries. In a statement on its website, the North's foreign ministry also argued that sanctions imposed on Pyongyang are a violation of its sovereignty that will not be tolerated. The ministry complained of great "inequality" among U.N. member countries, adding that the organization is dictated by the "law of jungle." North Korea is under multiple U.N. Security Council sanctions for its nuclear and missile provocations but is pushing for major sanctions relief in order to rebuild its economy. The U.S., however, remains firm in keeping the sanctions in place until the North's complete denuclearization.■[2019.05.17]

  • ≡ British Envoy Makes Rare Visit To Pyongyang

    A British foreign ministry official in charge of Northeast Asian and Pacific affairs has visited Pyongyang. Britain's Ambassador to North Korea, Colin Crooks, tweeted on Monday that James Squire, head of Northeast Asia and Pacific Department, met with officials at North Korea's foreign ministry, cultural committee and Institute for Disarmament and Peace. Details of Squire's visit were not immediately known.■ [2019.05.17]

  • ≡ Public Events Commemorate May 18 On Eve Of 39th Anniversary

    Special events are being held to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement. Today, on the eve of the anniversary, an outdoor ceremony is scheduled at the May 18 National Cemetery in Gwangju to honor those who were killed during rallies held in the city in 1980. Related exhibitions are also being held along Geumnam-ro in the Dong-gu District of Gwangju, where local residents had protested the harsh crackdown implemented under the military junta of Chun Doo-hwan. Later this evening at 6:30 p.m., civic groups will hold a democracy and peace parade along the street with more than one thousand people expected to attend.■[2019.05.17]

  • ≡ Actor Song Kang-Ho To Receive Excellence Award From Swiss Film Festival

    South Korean actor Song Kang-ho will be honored with Excellence Award at this year's Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland. In a press release on Friday, the organizers said Song peerlessly interpreted the variety and intensity of emotions through Korean films. He is the first Asian to receive the award that recognizes actors for their contributions to enriching the cinema industry. Internationally acclaimed stars like Susan Sarandon, John Malkovich and Edward Norton are among the past laureates.■[2019.05.17]

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