tbs eFM 101.3 News http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsMain.do Gov't Expresses Hopes For Seoul, Tokyo To Solve Sex Slavery Issue http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249843&typ_800=N The foreign ministry has acknowledged the widespread public disapproval of the Seoul-Tokyo deal on Japan's wartime sexual slavery. In a press release, the ministry said the government wishes to overcome the problem wisely through joint efforts between the two countries while accepting the reality that the majority of the Korean people do not approve of the 2015 agreement. The statement was in response to a Japanese media report which said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed his support for the agreement during his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Guterres later rejected the claim, saying he never expressed support for the content of deal, but that he was for the principle that it is up to the two countries to define the nature and content of a solution to the issue. It is the first time since Moon Jae-in took office that the government unveiled its official stance regarding the deal, while admitting to the public's opposition. ■ Julie Sohn 201705291735+0900 Chung Yoo-ra To Depart For Seoul Tomorrow http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249772&typ_800=P Choi Soon-sil's daughter Chung Yoo-ra is expected to arrive in Korea on Wednesday, after dropping her appeal against her repatriation. According to the justice ministry, Chung will leave Denmark tomorrow afternoon local time and land at Incheon airport at around 3 p.m. Prosecutors will arrest Chung upon her arrival. She is then likely to face a probe over allegations she received undue academic and financial favors based on her mother's ties with the former president.■ Minyoung Lee 201705291719+0900 Moon Asks For 'Understanding' Over Controversial Nominations http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249852&typ_800=N [Anchor] President Moon Jae-in has asked for understanding over a controversy surrounding his prime minister nominee Lee Nak-yon. Following the president's de facto apology, the minor opposition People's Party said it will cooperate with Lee's appointment. Meeyeon Ahn has more details. [Reporter] During a weekly meeting with his senior secretaries at Cheong Wa Dae today, President Moon asked for people's and opposition lawmakers' understanding in that the ongoing controversy over nominations has been caused by a lack of time to thoroughly verify. Although he did not use the word "apology" or "apologize", Moon's remarks came after nearly all opposition parties demanded an apology from the president. The opposition bloc's criticism centered on Moon's failure to deliver on his campaign pledge to exclude any nominees from public office involved in five kinds of irregularities, including false residence registration. Moon said it did not mean he was withdrawing his earlier pledge, but only that he was admitting to certain difficulties in real life. The main opposition Liberty Korea Party has refused to accept Moon's request for understanding during a general meeting of lawmakers. However, the minor opposition People's Party said it will cooperate with the process of confirming parliamentary approval of Lee's appointment, greatly raising the possibility. Meeyeon Ahn, eFM News.■ Meeyeon Ahn 201705291715+0900 KOSPI Down On Profit-Taking http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249851&typ_800=L Korean stocks ended slightly lower today on increased selling by institutions. The KOSPI dropped a tenth of a percent to close at 2,353. Other Asian markets were mixed. Tokyo was almost flat, Shanghai gained about a tenth, Hong Kong was by a quarter percent and Sydney slipped about 0.8. The local currency ended at 1,122 won to the U.S. dollar, down a single won from Friday's close. ■ Aram Ro 201705291711+0900 Moon Asks For 'Understanding' Over Controversial Nominations http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249845&typ_800=N President Moon Jae-in has asked for understanding over a controversy surrounding his prime minister nominee Lee Nak-yon. Speaking during a weekly meeting with his senior secretaries today, Moon said the ongoing controversy over nominations has been caused by the lack of time to thoroughly verify. He added that he was asked relevant government agencies to come up with what he called realistic standards for new officials, but said he wasn't going back on his pledge to keep people suspected of corruption away from government offices. The president's remarks came after repeated demands from opposition parties for him to apologize.■ Aram Ro 201705291649+0900 Tokyo, Washington Agree To Ramp Up Pressure On N. Korea http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249844&typ_800=M [Anchor] Tokyo and Washington have agreed to ramp up pressure against Pyongyang in response to its latest provocation. North Korea fired a ballistic missile, believed to be a Scud type, early this morning, marking its ninth test so far this year. Ron Chang has the details. [Reporter] According to Kyodo News, in a phone call today, Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida and his U.S. counterpart, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, saw eye-to-eye on the importance of China's role in reeling in North Korea. In a separate phone conversation, Kenji Kanasugi, director-general at Tokyo's foreign ministry, and U.S. special representative for North Korea policy Joseph Yun, agreed that repeated provocative acts by the regime are intolerable. Earlier, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to take concerted action, calling the launch absolutely unacceptable. Seoul's foreign ministry and Joint Chiefs strongly condemned the provocation. They are both keeping a close eye on North Korea amid the possibility of additional provocations, and are maintaining a heightened readiness posture. The launch, the third of its kind since President Moon Jae-in took office, came on the heels of a joint declaration by G7 leaders. During a summit in Italy over the weekend, they vowed to take tougher measures against North Korea unless it abandons its nuclear and missile programs. Ron Chang, eFM News. ■ Ron Chang 201705291649+0900 S. Korea Set To Take Immediate Action Against Any Turbulence In Market http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249842&typ_800=J The government says it will take immediate action against any turbulence in the local financial market and economy sparked by North Korea's latest missile launch. Economy and finance-related government agencies held an emergency meeting today to discuss ways to deal with the potential impact of the latest provocation. They vowed to strengthen around-the-clock monitoring of the market, adding that there was no direct impact on the stock and foreign exchange markets following the missile launch.■ Aram Ro 201705291648+0900 NSC Chief Reaffirms Commitment To Strong Alliance With U.S. http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249841&typ_800=N National Security Council chairman Chung Eui-yong has reaffirmed South Korea's commitment to a stronger alliance with the United States. He met with an U.S. delegation led by the chief of the House Committee on Armed Services Mac Thornberry in Seoul today. Thornberry reaffirmed the U.S. Congress' bipartisan support for the Korea-U.S. alliance, and expressed hope for enhanced cooperation with the new Moon administration.■ Aram Ro 201705291648+0900 Bulgaria Suspends Labor Imports From N.Korea http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249840&typ_800=M Bulgaria says it is no longer bringing in workers from North Korea amid criticism that Pyongyang is extorting money earned by its people overseas. The Bulgarian Embassy to South Korea said in a press release that the action was taken along with the Czech Republic and Romania. It added that the suspension of labor imports from the regime is an example where states have actively taken measures against the extortions of the laborers' remuneration.■ Aram Ro 201705291648+0900 Laotian Police Investigating Disappearance Of Korean Tourist http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249835&typ_800=Z Laotian police say they are investigating the disappearance of a Korean tourist in the northern part of the country. According to Korean residents there, the 33-year old woman went missing after touring the Kuang Si waterfalls last Monday. The lodging facility where the woman was staying reportedly notified the police of her disappearance. ■ Ron Chang 201705291614+0900 Opposition Parties Step Up Offensive Over Moon's PM Nominee http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249825&typ_800=N Opposition parties have ramped up their offensive against President Moon over his prime minister nominee Lee Nak-yon. Their criticism centered on Moon's failure to deliver on his campaign pledge to exclude any nominees from public office involved in five kinds of irregularities, including false residence registration. The Liberty Korea Party repeated its demand that Moon come forward and explain whether he would stick to his professed nomination principles. The Bareun Party also demanded that Moon strictly apply the same nomination principles as his party did while serving as the main opposition.■ Meeyeon Ahn 201705291509+0900 Gov't To Open Six Dammed Reservoirs To Improve Inland Water Quality http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249824&typ_800=P The transport ministry says six dammed reservoirs set aside for irrigation will remain open from Thursday to prevent water quality from deteriorating further. Six out of 16 dammed pools on the country's four major rivers will be opened from 2 p.m. to help resolve serious green algae problems. But they will maintain set water levels in order to provide agricultural water for nearby farmers. A ministry official added it plans to gradually open the remaining 10 after checking for their possible environmental impact and effects on farming in nearby areas.■ Meeyeon Ahn 201705291507+0900 NIS Chief Nominee Says Will Insulate Spy Agency From Local Politics http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249823&typ_800=N NIS director-nominee Suh Hoon has said that if appointed he will try to completely insulate the spy agency from domestic politics as pledged by President Moon. In his confirmation hearing that is currently underway, Suh said the NIS is not an organization designed to protect any political power. He also pledged to brief the political leaders on a regular basis on the country's security situation to seek "bipartisan cooperation." In today's hearing, Suh was expected to come under intense scrutiny over his stance on North Korea and NIS reform, as well as ethical qualifications.■ Meeyeon Ahn 201705291507+0900 Stampede At Football Stadium In Honduras Leaves At Least Four Dead http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249822&typ_800=M A stampede at a football stadium in Honduras has left at least four people dead and 25 others injured. Authorities said the incident occurred when police fired tear gas as thousands of fans tried to force their way into the national stadium for a championship match in the capital, Tegucigalpa. A spokesman for University Teaching Hospital said that the victims died from suffocation and multiple broken bones. A police statement said the match appeared to have been oversold. ■ Ron Chang 201705291507+0900 Shinzo Abe Vows To Take Concrete Action To Deter N. Korea http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2249811&typ_800=M Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said North Korea's latest missile provocation was absolutely unacceptable and vowed to take concerted action along with its U.S. ally. Speaking to reporters after returning from a G7 meeting in Italy, Abe said the North Korean problem was the international community's top priority, as agreed during the summit. Abe said they will never tolerate Pyongyang's continued provocations that ignore repeated warnings by the international community. The missile appears to have landed in Japan's exclusive maritime economic zone after flying about 450 kilometers. ■ Julie Sohn 201705291407+0900