tbs eFM 101.3 News http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsMain.do N. Korean Official Arrives In Hanoi Ahead Of 2nd Trump-Kim Summit http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341143&typ_800=U A high-level North Korean official has reportedly arrived in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi ahead of the second summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. According to a source cited by Yonhap News, Kim Chang-son, chief secretary of the North Korean Secretariat of the State Affairs Commission, and a close aid to Kim Jong-un, arrived at Hanoi's Noi Bai International Airport Saturday morning. He and other North Korean officials are expected to hold discussions with U.S. officials on protocol preparations for the planned summit slated for February 27 and 28. Kim Chang-son was also in charge of protocol and other related matters such as accommodations for the first Trump-Kim summit in Singapore last year.■ Soa Kwon 201902161503+0900 Base Taxi Fare In Seoul Raised To ₩3,800 http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341127&typ_800=P Seoul city has raised the base taxi fare to 3,800 won from the previous 3,000 won. The price hike -- the first in over five years -- took effect this morning. The base fare for late night taxis increased to 4,600 won, while large and deluxe taxis are charging 6,500 won. The meters are also ticking faster -- 100 won will take passengers 132 meters instead of the previous 142 meters.■ Jeongeun Lee 201902161417+0900 Number Of Readily Fillable Jobs Posts Sharpest Fall In 6 Yrs http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341142&typ_800=P The number of readily available jobs that can be filled within a month when there are matching applicants has seen the sharpest fall in six years. According to Statistics Korea, the number of readily fillable positions stood at 177,000 in December -- about 34,000 less than the figure from the same month a year earlier. This marks the eleventh consecutive month of decline and the steepest on-year drop in over six years. A government official attributed the decrease to a slump in shipbuilding, manufacturing, and service sectors combined with tepid hiring by businesses.■ Woongtae Ryu 201902161417+0900 Trump Expresses Hopes For 2nd Summit With N. Korean Leader http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341129&typ_800=U US President Donald Trump has expressed hopes that his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would be "as successful" as their first face-to-face in June last year. Speaking at the White House on Friday, the president also said that he is in no rush for speed. He also stressed that the U.S. will maintain sanctions on the regime and will not let Pyongyang take advantage of Washington by taking "billions of dollars" in return for pledges to denuclearize. At the same time, he said North Korea and leader Kim have a great potential as an economic power, saying their location between South Korea, Russia and China is "phenomenal."■ Jeongeun Lee 201902161415+0900 S. Korea's Foreign Minister Seeks Iran's Cooperation On Collecting Payment http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341141&typ_800=N South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha has discussed bilateral ties and trade issues with her Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday. Seoul's foreign ministry said the two officials met on the sidelines of a security conference in Munich, Germany. During the meeting, Kang sought Tehran's cooperation in addressing the hardship of Korean companies caused by overdue payments by Iranian firms. Kang also asked for the Middle Eastern country's continued support for efforts to achieve lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.■ Woongtae Ryu 201902161411+0900 US Stocks End Higher On Hopes For US-China Trade Talks http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341126&typ_800=M Wall Street stocks ended higher on Friday amid growing optimism over U.S.-China trade talks. The Dow climbed 1.7 percent, the S&P 500 rose 1.1 percent, and the tech-rich Nasdaq gained 0.6 percent. Over in Europe, London was up 0.6 percent, Frankfurt advanced 1.9 percent, and Paris finished 1.8 percent higher.■ Woongtae Ryu 201902161302+0900 Trump: Obama Was Close To Starting 'Big War' With N. Korea http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341136&typ_800=M U.S. President Donald Trump has claimed that his predecessor Barack Obama "was so close to starting a big war with North Korea." At a White House news conference on Friday, Trump said Obama cited North Korea as the biggest problem that the country was facing when they held a private conversation at the Oval Office after he was elected president in 2016. He went on to say that "a lot's been accomplished" since his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in June last year and touted his "good relationship" with Kim. The president also said Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize for opening a dialogue with the North. He also complained that Obama, who received the prize in 2009 for laying out the U.S. commitment to seek "a world without nuclear weapons," did not even know what he got it for.■ Jeongeun Lee 201902161300+0900 Hanbit 2 Nuclear Reactor Resumes Operations http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341135&typ_800=P South Korea's nuclear power operator says a reactor that was abruptly shut down last month has resumed operations. The Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power expected the Hanbit 2 reactor in Yeonggwang, South Jeolla Province to run at full capacity by Monday. Yesterday, the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission approved restarting the reactor. The commission confirmed that it detected no spikes in radiation near the nuclear complex after the reactor halted operations on January 24th. Officials said the reactor automatically stopped working due to a malfunction in its steam generator.■ Jeongeun Lee 201902161300+0900 Weather Update 1100 http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341134&typ_800=Z Taking a look at the weather, Seoul is experiencing hazy conditions at this hour Bad levels of ultra fine dust are affecting the capital region and Chungcheong Province. However, strong winds are expected to dissipate much of the pollution later in the afternoon. The local mercury will peak at 2 degrees. As for the current temperature in central Seoul, it is _____ degrees Celsius or _____ degrees in Fahrenheit.■ Jeongeun Lee 201902161259+0900 N. Korea Most Burdened By Military Spending: US State Dept Report http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341130&typ_800=U The U.S. State Department says North Korea is most burdened by its military spending among 170 countries around the world. According to a report published earlier this week, Pyongyang spent the equivalent of some 23 percent of its gross domestic product on the military from 2006 to 2016. During the same period, the U.S. spent 4.3 percent of its GDP on the military, while for South Korea the figure stood at 2.6 percent. As for the number of armed forces personnel, North Korea came in fourth with 1.1 million, exceeded only by China, India and the U.S.■ Jeongeun Lee 201902161257+0900 Trump Hints At Extending Deadline In US-China Trade Talks http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341133&typ_800=M U.S. President Donald Trump says that "there is a possibility" he would extend a March 1st deadline in trade talks with China. He told reporters on Friday that he might postpone the date if he sees that they are "close to a deal or the deal is going in the right direction." Washington is scheduled to hike import taxes on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods if no deal is reached by the deadline. President Trump also said that trade talks between the two countries are "going extremely well." Senior officials of the two sides completed the third round of talks in Beijing on Friday and will resume negotiations next week in Washington.■ Jeongeun Lee 201902161256+0900 Weather Update 0900 http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341132&typ_800=Z Taking a look at the weather, Seoul is waking up to hazy conditions this Saturday morning. Seoul and the surrounding areas are experiencing bad levels of ultra fine dust but air quality is expected to get better as the day progresses. Light snow in parts of the Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungcheong, North Jeolla and North Gyeongsang provinces will mostly taper off before noon. The local mercury will peak at 2 degrees. As for the current temperature in central Seoul, it is _____ degrees Celsius or _____ degrees in Fahrenheit.■ Woongtae Ryu 201902161256+0900 Inter-Korean Liaison Office Co-Heads Agree To Cooperate On Joint Projects http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341131&typ_800=U The co-heads of the inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong have agreed to continue close cooperation on cross-border projects. Seoul's unification ministry said Vice Minister Chun Hae-sung and his North Korean counterpart Hwang Chung-song held their regular meeting yesterday. They are expected to have discussed holding a joint celebration for the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement. Seoul has been suggesting ideas for the plan since last December but Pyongyang has yet to give a concrete response.■ Woongtae Ryu 201902161256+0900 Domestic Oil Prices Drop For 15th Straight Week http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341128&typ_800=J Retail oil prices have dropped for the fifteenth straight week. The oil information service Opinet says the average price of domestic gasoline was 1,342.7 won per liter in the second week of February, down 1.3 won from the week before. The average diesel price also fell 0.9 won to 1,241.8 won.■ Woongtae Ryu 201902161254+0900 Heavy Snow Causes Traffic Disruptions http://tbs.seoul.kr/eFm/newsView.do?idx_800=2341075&typ_800=P The Korea Meteorological Administration is urging drivers to take extra precautions on icy roads during the evening commute as more snow is forecast nationwide. Heavy delays are expected on highways and expressways this evening. Most of the snowfall or rain will let up later tonight. Earlier in the day, slippery roads caused a number of accidents, including more than 10 in the capital.■ Hyeryeon Chung 201902151753+0900