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  • Gina Haspel Confirmed As New US CIA Director

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Gina Haspel as the first woman director of the CIA with 54 Senators voting for her and 45 against.

Haspel, a veteran of the agency, faced stiff opposition during her confirmation hearings over her links to the CIA's past use of brutal interrogation techniques.

In the past, she ran one of the secret prisons outside the U.S. where terror suspects were subjected to waterboarding.

Haspel has now said the CIA should have not used such methods.

This admission was enough for the Democratic Party Senator Mark Warner to vote for her.

[clip - Mark Warner]

"I believe this is a clear statement of growth as a leader and learning from the mistakes of the past. And while I wish that she would be more forceful, I also understand her reluctance to condemn the many men and women at the agency who thought they were doing the right thing at that time."

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