• Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists Speak To TBS On National Security Law

Hong Kong pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong (L), Nathan Law
Hong Kong pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong (L), Nathan Law

Hong Kong is bracing for what could be its biggest day of protests in months, after Beijing's decision to impose national security legislation on the semi-autonomous city revived anti-government demonstrations.

TBS spoke with Hong Kong's leading pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong and Nathan Law ahead of the expected ratification of the bill on Thursday.

Julie Sohn reports.


Hong Kong's leading pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong told TBS that Beijing's bill undermines Hong Kong's democracy and its autonomy.

[Clip - Wong]
"The National Security Law in Hong Kong is trying to turn 'one country, two systems' to 'one country, one system.' And with the arbitrary regulation of anti-subversion, it would just silence the voice of dissidents."

He went on to say that although the Chinese authorities claim that the purpose of the security law is to maintain public order in Hong Kong and safeguard against foreign forces, it is actually for China to control the semi-autonomous city.

[Clip - Wong]
"The National Security Law that we are opposing right now in Hong Kong is not only used to target the protesters, it's used to target the NGO's religious leader, journalist, or any risk-goers hoping to seek for justice and truth."

Activist Nathan Law joined the criticism over a separate bill being discussed that would make it a criminal offense to insult the Chinese national anthem.

[Clip - Law]
"The National Anthem Law is also a form of restricting our freedom of expression because it is not a problem of the law itself only, but it is also how the government is going to use it to achieve political needs and political aims."

Beijing's decision last week to impose national security legislation on Hong Kong reignited street protests, sparked international condemnation and raised questions about the rule of law in the territory.

The activists asked for South Korea's support, likening the pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong to the May 18 movement in Gwangju in 1980.

[Clip - Wong]
"We encourage the global community to stand with Hong Kong especially what’s happening in Hong Kong is just similar as what happened in Gwangju four decades ago. We wish people in South Korea will stand with Hong Kong."

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