• UNSC Mulls Global Ceasefire To Allow COVID Vaccine Deliveries
(Photo: AFP-Yonhap News)
(Photo: AFP-Yonhap News)
The U.N. Security Council is considering a resolution drafted by Britain calling for immediate ceasefires around the globe to allow for the delivery of COVID vaccines.

The BBC's James Landale has the details.


The United Kingdom government reckons about 160 million people could be excluded from vaccination because of conflicts around the world.

That could allow new COVID variants to emerge.

So, British diplomats have tabled the resolution at the United Nations Security Council calling for local ceasefires.

The hope is that U.N. envoys could persuade warring parties it would be in their interest to stop fighting temporarily while vaccines are distributed.

The comparison diplomats make is Afghanistan in 2001, when a two-day ceasefire allowed almost 6 million children to be immunized against polio.

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