• Govt Posts Guidelines On Anti-Pyongyang Leaflet Ban

(Image: Yonhap News)
(Image: Yonhap News)
The government has released guidelines on new legislation that bans sending anti-Pyongyang leaflets into North Korea.

They were posted on the unification ministry's website Friday to ensure better interpretation of the amendment to the Development of Inter-Korean Relations Act, including clarifying the "scope of application" for citizens.

Aside from concerns the law could undercut freedom of expression and efforts to send outside information into the reclusive North, critics questioned whether it also prohibits the sending of leaflets from other countries.

The ministry said the ban does not apply to cases in which items are sent to the North from a third country, however, that country's laws will be applied.

South Korea's ban on anti-Pyongyang leaflet campaigns is set to take effect in two months, after which violators will be subject to a maximum prison term of three years or a fine of 30 million won.
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