• Proper Hand Washing Key To Preventing COVID-19 Infections, Spread

Kids learn how to wash hands properly
Kids learn how to wash hands properly

The importance of hand washing to prevent novel coronavirus infections as well as to curb the spread of the disease continues to be emphasized around the world along with other measures.

But what's the best way to wash your hands?

Ron Chang explains.


While there have been conflicting reports about the effectiveness of wearing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, most agree on one thing - proper hand washing practices is the key to stave off germs that cause sickness.

But many people don't know how to wash their hands properly.

Some do it for too little time while others don't wash their hands at all.

Health agencies around the globe have various tips.

The World Health Organization advises the use of soap and running water, adding proper hand washing takes as long as singing "Happy Birthday" twice.

Professor Christos Nicolaides from the University of Cyprus echoes that view.

[Clip: Nicolaides: 00:13]
"The right way is to stay there and do the scratching for about 15 seconds and this is the recommendation from the WHO, CDC and any other agency around the world."

He also stressed the importance of not touching any surfaces during the process of hand washing.

[Clip: Nicolaides: 00:26]
"Best way to do it is a touch free-hand wash but that's not always possible. The best thing you can do is just use towel, open the water and wash your hands and use the soap and wash your hands and get another towel to switch off. Try as much as possible touch free."

If immediate access to soap and water is not available, experts advise using alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Ron Chang, eFM News.■

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