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17:00 ReplayeFM News 2019.02.12
  • ≡ Seoul City News: Hydrogen Vehicle Charging Stations To Be Built In Seoul

    [Anchor] And now for a look at news and happenings in Seoul this week, Hyeryeon Chung reports. [Reporter] Hydrogen charging stations will be installed in four locations in Seoul, including one at the National Assembly. The industry ministry approved yesterday a request by four companies, including Hyundai Motor's proposal to build hydrogen charging stations for fuel cell electric vehicles in the capital. The ministry said hydrogen charging stations in Seoul could help the spread of zero-emission vehicles while allaying "vague" public safety concerns about the use of such stations. The move comes as part of the government's drive to encourage businesses to take advantage of a "regulatory sandbox," which lets them test innovative products in a limited environment and under supervision. The hydrogen charging station at the National Assembly is set to be built by July and will be capable of providing hydrogen for more than 50 fuel cell electric vehicles a day. South Korea plans to increase the number of hydrogen charging stations from the current 16 to 86 by the end of the year before boosting the number to 310 by 2022. Meanwhile, the government is moving to make changes to existing enforcement ordinances around June to allow hydrogen refueling stations to be built in commercial and semi-residential areas. Hyeryeon Chung, eFM News.■[2019.02.12]