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2016년 연중기획 tbs상암시대를 시민과 함께
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Daily Programs

  • Culture The Wake Up Crew
  • The Wake Up Crew
  • Start your mornings with the fun and exciting Paul and Punita on the < Wake Up Crew! > We will help you freshen up in the morning before beginning your day!
  • TIMEMon~Sun 05:00~07:00

    PDEQ Hwang

    DJPaul Matthews, Punita Bajaj

  • NEWS ThisMorning
  • This Morning
  • Your daily source for the lastest news from Korea and around the world.
  • TIMEMon~Fri 07:05~09:00

    PDEuny Park

    DJAlex Jensen

  • Culture Koreascape
  • Koreascape
  • Examining the essence of Korean culture through compelling conversations and documentary storytelling.
  • TIMEMon~Sat 09:05~10:00

    PDOh Jangsup

    DJKurt Achin

  • Music This, That & Amy
  • This, That & Amy
  • A Talkative radio show introducing music, culture, issues and more hosted by Amy.
  • TIMEMon~Sat 10:05~12:00

    PDSu Hyeon Park

    DJAmy Aleha

  • Music K-Popular with As One
  • K-Popular with As One
  • Daily dose of K-Pop during your lunch break.
  • TIMEMon~Sat 12:10~14:00

    PDViola Lo

    DJAs One

  • Culture The Steve Hatherly Show
  • The Steve Hatherly Show
  • A talk radio show that'll inform you about the daily whatevers, trends, and much more from around the world!
  • TIMEMon~Sun 14:05~15:52

    PDJin-Soo Kang

    DJSteve Hatherly

  • Music Soundcheck
  • Soundcheck
  • Newest and hottest music on earth.
  • TIMEMon~Sun 16:05~18:00

    PDNam, Kwan-Woo

    DJLuke Cleary

  • NEWS Primetime
  • Primetime
  • Your prime source of news and sports
  • TIMEMon-Fri 18:10~20:00

    PDSeul Kim

    DJHenry Shinn

  • Culture 首尔生活加油站
  • 首尔生活加油站
  • 主持人朴龙君与牟珍,每天和您聊聊首尔生活中的点点滴滴。无论您是定居在首尔、还是来韩国观光旅游的中国人,只要是关于首尔生活,您想了解的、您想知道的,尽在《首尔生活加油站》。
  • TIMEMon~Sun 20:00~22:00

    PDBeom Soomin, Yoo Jae eun

    DJPiao Longjun,Mu Zhen

  • Music The 22nd Hour
  • The 22nd Hour
  • Delivering the full spectrum of groundbreaking music to your ears from 10 pm to midnight seven days a week
  • TIMEMon~Sun 22:05~24:00

    PDChristina Seo

    DJAnthony Baber

  • Music Re:Play
  • Re:Play
  • Take a walk down memory lane with the great hits from the 1950s-1980s.
  • TIMETue~Sat 24:00~02:00

    PDSihyun Kim

    DJJohn Lee

  • Music Ministry of K-Pop
  • Ministry of K-Pop
  • The best of Korean pop music from the 80's to the present, presented by K-Pop heavyweight Kim Jo Han
  • TIMEWed~Mon 02:00~03:00

    PDYoo Jae eun

    DJKim Jo Han

  • Music Sound Unbound
  • Sound Unbound
  • Late night non-stop music
  • TIMEWed~Mon 03:00~05:00

    PDeFM PDs