시민주인이되는 소통의 중심, 서울 수도권 대표 공익방송
2016년 연중기획 tbs상암시대를 시민과 함께
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Weekend Programs

  • Music The Classical Collection
  • The Classical Collection
  • Classical collection for your weekend morning.
  • TIMESat~Sun 07:00~08:00

    PDViola Lo

    DJPhilipp Richardsen

  • Music Sounds of Korea
  • Sounds of Korea
  • Bringing the traditions and charms of Korean music to life.
  • TIMESat~Sun 08:00~09:00

    PDSu Hyeon Park

    DJAnna Sawinska

  • Culture Weekly Review
  • Weekly Review
  • Introducing outside view and constructive criticism on selected tbs eFM programming.
  • TIMESun 09:00~10:00

    PDCha Hyunna

    DJKim Stoker

  • Culture The Bookend
  • The Bookend
  • Lively conversations about books, arts and ideas with great guests.
  • TIMESun 10:00~12:00

    PDEuny Park

    DJJamie Chang

  • Culture The QUBE
  • The QUBE
  • The ultimate interactive quiz on the airwave
  • TIMESun 12:05~14:00

    PDJinsoo Kang, Christina Seo, Seul Kim, Kwanwoo Nam

    DJJulian Quintart, Fabien Yoon

  • Culture Show King
  • Show King
  • To make you entertained throughout your weekend evenings!
  • TIMESat~Sun 18:00~20:00

    PDSihyun Kim

    DJSJ Lee

  • Music Uptown Jams
  • Uptown Jams
  • Jazz up your weekend with Forest
  • TIMESat~Sun 00:00~02:00

    PDOh Jangsup

    DJForest Müther