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09:00 ReplayeFM News 2019.11.09
  • ≡ N. Korea Says 'Window Of Opportunity' Closing With US

    A high-ranking North Korean diplomat says relations with the United States are not progressing notably, warning that Washington needs to make the next move toward improvement. Jo Chol-su, head of the North Korean foreign ministry's American affairs department made the remark after delivering a keynote speech at the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference on Friday. He said the North has done everything it can to show its willingness to move forward and called for a similar move by the U.S. to gain its trust. Jo said the North was waiting patiently for U.S.' answer by the end of this year, and added that the window of opportunity was closing little by little every day. He also claimed that it will be the biggest mistake if the U.S. does not take practical steps to withdraw its anti-North Korea policies, adding that the future progress of talks depends entirely on the choices the U.S. makes. South Korea's top nuclear envoy Lee Do-hoon and U.S. Special Envoy for North Korea Mark Lambert were present at the session, but the officials reportedly did not hold official talks other than a brief exchange of greetings.■[2019.11.09]

  • ≡ Trump, Kim Invited To Russian War Commemoration

    U.S. President Donald Trump says he has been invited to attend World War II anniversary celebrations in Russia in May, where he might have a chance to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Trump told reporters Friday that he was invited to attend the celebrations and that he would certainly think about it. Russian government officials said earlier that Kim had also been invited to the marking the 75th anniversary of Russia's victory in the war, but that the North has not responded yet. Trump and Kim have had three meetings since June 2018 to negotiate the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear weapons program in exchange for U.S. economic concessions but the talks have been stalled since February's no-deal summit.■ [2019.11.09]

  • ≡ Rallies, Events Across Seoul To Cause Heavy Traffic Saturday

    Traffic is expected to be heavily congested today due to a number of rallies scheduled in various parts of Seoul. The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions will gather in Yeouido at 3 p.m. to protest against the government's labor policies. Participants will then march toward the National Assembly building. The Korean Teachers and Education Workers' Union, meanwhile, plan to hold a rally in front of Cheong Wa Dae from noon to urge the government to restore its legal status. In addition, liberal and conservative groups plan to stage political rallies in Seocho and at Gwanghwamun Square. Members of an online community will gather in southern Seoul calling for prosecutorial reform, while a conservative civic group will hold a counter-rally calling on President Moon Jae-in to step down.■[2019.11.09]

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