• (BBC) Rage Engulfs US Cities For 6th Straight Night Over Death Of Black Man

A department store in downtown Los Angeles is looted after protests Saturday.
A department store in downtown Los Angeles is looted after protests Saturday.

Police in the United States have clashed with demonstrators across the country as unrest over the killing of a black man, George Floyd, intensifies.

There have been violent confrontations in dozens of cities, including New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

This man at a protest outside Minnesota's statehouse told the crowd why they needed to be there.

"We didn't just lose George Floyd as I've been saying. We lost his generations. We lost on that day his great grandchildren, his great great grandchildren, we lost humanity on that day. And what we're doing right now in these protests and in these moments as we risk ourselves in this pandemic is fighting for humanity. We're fighting for humanity right now and we're asking everyone all over the world to stand with us and fight with us.”


Meanwhile, the Seoul government says 26 cases of property damage have been reported at South Korean-owned stores across the U.S. due to the violent protests.

Citing updates from South Korean consulates in America, the foreign ministry also said no casualties have been reported among Korean communities in connection to the demonstrations.

Second Vice Foreign Minister Lee Tae-ho plans to preside over an emergency videoconference Tuesday with the chiefs of 10 South Korean diplomatic missions in the U.S. to discuss ways to deal with the situation.

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