• Fears Mount In Hong Kong After China Passes Security Law

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong
Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong

China's parliament has passed a controversial security law for Hong Kong, and there are fears it will restrict free speech and undermine the territory's autonomy.

Anyone breaking the rules can potentially be charged with secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces.

The BBC's correspondent in Beijing, Stephen McDonnell says it's not clear how the law will be enforced.


What constitutes secession?

For example, singing protest anthems, could that see you thrown in jail?

Having certain meetings, holding up an independence for Hong Kong banner, would that be enough for you to potentially go to jail?

Nobody actually knows, but it seems that way.

These laws are constructed very vaguely with wide powers.

These are all genuine concerns.


A pro-democracy activist based in Hong Kong, Bonnie Leung, said the law would make protests much more difficult.


"It is going to be vague and it is going to be vicious. So, in the future, I'm sure that the movement will continue because the Hong Kong people know what we're doing. We need to fight for democracy, we need to fight for our freedom, to fight for rule of law. But in the future, we have to be absolutely cautious."


The BBC reported one of the city's most prominent activists, Joshua Wong, said he was leaving Demosisto, the pro-democracy group he spearheaded, out of fear of repercussions now that the law has been passed.

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