• Microsoft Blocks US Election Hacking By China, Russia, Iran (BBC)

Photo: Yonhap News
Photo: Yonhap News

Microsoft says it has detected and thwarted cyberattacks from China, Russia and Iran in recent weeks, targeting the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

The BBC's Nomia Iqbal reports.


Three countries were named.

Coming out on top was Russia and this group Fancy Bear, which was named in the official report into hacking in 2016 here.

This time around, this group has accused of going after hundreds of organizations either directly or indirectly linked to the U.S. elections.

Microsoft did say that most of the attacks were unsuccessful and no voting systems were targeted.

But they do expect this to intensify nearer to November 3.

In terms of the countries that have been mentioned, none of them have officially commented yet.

But previously, they have been accused of cyber espionage and they have denied that.

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