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  • Bad Levels Of Ultra Fine Dust Continue For Three Straight Days
fine dust particles blanket Seoul <Photo: Yonhap News>

fine dust particles blanket Seoul <Photo: Yonhap News>


The country has been suffering from high levels of ultra fine dust for three consecutive days.

As part of measures to combat the worsening air quality, the Seoul City Government is cracking down on local construction sites cited as one of the main culprits behind locally produced fine dust.

Julie Sohn has more.


Unhealthy levels of ultra fine dust continued to affect air quality nationwide today.

Most of the regions saw "bad" levels of fine dust throughout the day, while the readings are expected to return to normal levels tomorrow.

Amid the recent fine dust pollution, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is launching a crackdown on 429 large construction sites that produce scattering dust.

Officials will order corrections if violations are detected, such as not using dust covers or not spraying water.

In severe cases, those not complying with the law, could be fined up to 3 million won.

The move comes as recent report showed that recent fine dust pollution in the country was attributed to domestic factors rather than outside pollutants.

The accumulation of ultra fine dust in the air is reported to have been primarily generated due to the stagnant atmosphere over the peninsula coupled with domestic factors, such as power, transportation and construction.

Julie Sohn, eFM News.■

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