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  • Government To Hold Meeting On Infrastructure Safety Measures
Following a string of infrastructure accidents in the country recently, the government has decided to hold a meeting on strengthening safety measures next week.

Led by the Ministry of Interior and Safety, related departments and city and provincial leaders will get together Thursday and discuss the management of infrastructure facilities that are closely related to the people's daily lives.

The meeting comes on the heels of the KT building fire accident, a power outage at KTX Osong Station, a bursting of a hot water pipe in Goyang, as well as today's KTX train derail near Gangneung.

Meanwhile, in the last three weeks a total of 9 accidents occurred on KTX operator KORAIL 's railways.

KORAIL has vowed to enforce safety education for its staff, replace old railway vehicle components, and come up with concrete ways to improve safety measures.■

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