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2016년 연중기획 tbs상암시대를 시민과 함께
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제목 More Chinese programs available on tbs eFM
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This Spring, tbs eFM has expanded its Chinese programming from 6 to 10 PM.
This will be a great opportunity to tune into authentic Chinese programs for news, talk and music.


If you would prefer to listen to an English program, tune in to with Alex Sigrist.
This program will only air on tbs's smartphone app, tbs 교통정보, everyday from 6 to 8 PM.
Alex will help you wind down your day and get ready for the night out with news, fun information and great music.


For more information on our Chinese programs,


新闻在路上 (신문재로상) Mon-Fri 6 PM



首尔生活加油站 (서울생활가유참) Everyday 8 PM



周末文化走廊 (주말문화주랑) Every weekend 6 PM


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